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Do you want skin that looks and feels fabulous?  Of course you do!  A professional facial will refine your pores, deep cleanse your skin, remove toxins, exfoliate dull dry skin and infuse your skin with skin loving anti-oxidants.
1.  The consultation is the most important step in a professional facial.  Your esthetician will find out your concerns and and what you would like to improve.  Your skin is examined, viewed under a magnifying lamp and woods lamp.  This exam gives clues as to the condition of your skin.  Your esthetician determines if your skin is oily, has a buildup of dead skin cells or if you are dehydrated to name a few skin conditions.
2. Next an appropriate cleaner is chosen for your skin usually a deeper cleanse than you can do at home.  With the help of steam or ultrasonic skin scrubber you skin is deeply cleansed.  Two different cleansers may be used depending on your needs as the entire process is customized to your skin.  Cleansing prepares your skin for the next step of exfoliation.
3. Exfoliation is very important since getting rid of dull, dead dry skin stimulates new cell renewal.  K Skin does not believe in aggressive, over exfoliation.  Exfoliation helps your skin hold moisture, helps product penetration, increases circulation, unclogs pores and rejuvenates your skin.  Popular exfoliations include gentle enzymes,microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliations.
4. Masks and serums are chosen to help with your skin issues.  If the exfoliation was fairly stimulating, a calming mask may be chosen.  If clogged pores are the issue, a clay mask will draw impurities out and remove toxins.  Aging, mature skin benefits from an infusion of anti-oxidants and peptides.  Masks can tone and tighten the skin, clear up blemishes, hydrate the skin, nourish and calm sensitive, irritated skin.
5. LED and microcurrent may be added for increased benefits.  Far infrared LED (light emitting diode) was developed by NASA to heal wounds in space by increasing oxygen in the body.  The benefit in skincare is the increased oxygen and increased circulation helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in tighter skin.  Blue LED purifies the skin and kills acne bacteria.  Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that mimics what our bodies produce.  This energy in our cells slows down as we age.  Microcurrent has the ability to increase that energy in our cells and to lift and tone muscles over time, just like a gym workout for your face.
6. Facial massage is an enjoyable finishing step. More than just relaxing, massage can stimulate blood and lymph circulation.  Sluggish skin is activated, sinus congestion and under eye puffiness is reduced.  And of course, we end you facial with mineral based zinc sun protection.
7.  There are many variations of facials, but the goal is to improve your skin  and leave you refreshed and relaxed.  Using professional products at home that target your individual skin issues will help improve your skin on a daily basis.  While a single treatment will greatly benefit your skin, regular facial every 4 to 6 weeks will give you the best results over time.  I encourage you to book an appointment at K Skin Spa or with your local esthetician today.

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